Corporate  - Well-being through Art


Paint & Sip / Sculpt & Sip - get the crew together for a fun online creative event.  €35pp - all materials & instruction provided. 

KeepWell WorkWell - Mindful Art Workshop

Standard Art Jam Painting Session  

Team building - working together on a large painting, group painting, themed painting etc..

Brain storming - art workshops for new ideas and solutions

Training day breakout session - focusing on what resonates most with each individual - Show & Tell

Art for Well-being & Mindfulness

Art Away -  A day long workshop away from the office 

.Companies all over the world now understand that the mental health and well being of their employees is paramount to a happy and thriving work environment. Some of the benefits of participating in art activities are as follows:
Relieving stress
Increased creative thinking
Increased brain connectivity & plasticity
Increased focus
Increased self esteem & sense of accomplishment
Clear thinking and calmer brain
Enhances problem solving skills

While a once off art activity has great therapeutic benefit a series of weekly art workshops will benefit your employees enormously.  We have recently launched  KeepWell WorkWell  - an art workshop that focuses on well-being and wellness in a relaxed and mindful creative session.   That can be a once off or a series of workshops. 

Our facilitator is a certified in mindfulness, life coaching and art therapy. 

To find out more get in touch at or 086-0615695