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Would you like to have a Hen Party with a difference? Try our "Paint a Nude™" session!

Painting of Naked Man at Hen Party

Whether you are looking for time to fill in for the afternoon or want to do something for the evening an Art Jam session could be just the thing for you!

"Paint a Nude™" - the world's first and original "Paint a Nude™" hens' party and one of our more popular themes for hens' art jams.

What's Involved

Set Up

The usual procedure is the same, we arrive at the venue and set up everything - the easels, paints, brushes, canvases, aprons, etc...

The Subject

Everyone turns up and the subject for the session is a live nude male - who poses for the duration.


The best part is if the organisers (usually the bridesmaids) haven't told the rest of the group what they will be doing...

The Craic

Smiling Hen

There are usually screams, squeals, howls and laughter for the first five or ten minutes, but then everyone calms down and paints away. And, as with every other art jam, most of the participants surprise themselves with their ability to paint!

A Memento

They get to take home their painting as a momento of the event. We also provide a larger canvas for all the participants to paint on which is then given to the bride to be as a present.

See What's Involved

Check out some photos from a recent hen party held by Art Jam.

Other Options also Available for Hens Art Jams

Hen Party Artist

Option 1

Whether you want to just have an open painting session where everyone paints what they want, with art books and magazines to inspire.

Option 2

The bride to be picks out paintings that she would like to have at home on her walls and everyone paints her paintings for her.

Option 3

The bride to be picks out two or three paintings that she would like and participants team up to paint on large canvases that are rolled out on the floor and then taken away to be stretched and made ready for hanging and returned to the bride.

What ever option you chose, you will have a hen party event to remember!

Hen Parties

How Much Does it Cost?

For more information on pricing and what is involved please view our FAQ page.