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More and more companies are looking for new and exciting ways to entertain staff and clients.

More and more companies are choosing ART JAM IRELAND to stimulate the minds of their employees and encouraging imagination and inspiration into a team.

Why Art Jam?

Holding an Art Jam is one of the best tools to stimulate minds and defy routine. Encouraging your team to be brave, trust in themselves and challenge their comfort zones.

ART JAM IRELAND allows you to offer your team an inspiring opportunity that will contribute more to effective workshops, conferences and presentations by stimulating and engaging minds.

ART JAM IRELAND is for companies who are "Choice Employers" because they:

  • Promote a culture of challenge and innovation
  • Develop and retain an inventive, innovative, energetic and creative workforce.
  • Encourage and value personal development in employee training
  • Recognise the importance of play as a team building exercise.

Art Jamming is the Perfect Activity for:

A woman painting
  • Team building exercise
  • Personal development
  • Encouraging creative leadership
  • Encouraging "outside the box" thinking
  • Conference break-out session
  • Staff parties
  • Client entertainment
  • Product Launches
  • Corporate marketing - using the artwork on promotional materials and literature

Perfect for Team Building

ART JAM IRELAND offers a range of team building art jam styles and is happy to work with you in coming up with new ideas that would particularly suit your team.

How Much Does it Cost?

For more information on pricing and what is involved please view our FAQ page.