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Photos of Art Jam @ The Ormond Wine Bar

Posted: Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Photos of an Art Jam evening at the Ormond wine bar on 16th February.

Art Jam Nights at The Ormond Wine Bar

Posted: Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Come along and explore your creative side at a once off painting session where all the materials are provided for you to paint your masterpiece.  Come alone or with friends, family or work colleagues and try something different for your Thursday Night out in Dublin.  Price €35 pp and includes a glass of wine.

Art Jam nights at The Ormond Wine Bar, Ormond Quay, Dublin 1

Posted: Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

A monthly art jam night is starting Thursday 1st March at 7pm at the Ormond Wine Bar on Ormond Quay, Dublin. and thereafter will be the last Thursday of every month.

All materials will be provided  – take home canvas, aprons, gloves, paints, brushes, sponges, easels… and books to kick start your inspiration.  come along and try something you haven’t done before, explore your creative side which has probably been dormant for years!!  and surprise yourself by doing something you thought you couldn’t do.  Price is €35 per person and includes a glass of wine.  The Ormond Wine bar also has a great selection of wines and tapas if you want to go early for supper, or stay after and have a bite to eat.  for more information contact 0860615695 or

Tuesday Art Jam @ Piedescalso Art Cafe

Posted: Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Well…. here are the photos from the first night’s art jam at the Piedescalso… as you can see everyone really enjoyed themselves, made new friends, and surprised themselves with their own ability and talent! Thanks to all who came last night, I have no doubt we will see you all again soon…

We have decided to change the format slightly and now instead of getting a complimentary glass of wine the Piedescalso will be offering all you can eat tapas…. and you won’t want to miss this mouth watering food…. so come along and have a go at table top art jamming, you get the use of all materials, your take away canvas in a take away box… and all you can eat tapas will be available all evening long… and all for €25… like I said “sure what else would you be doing on a Tuesday evening!”

There will be two more Tuesday art jams on the 9th & 16th December, then the cafe will be closed over Christmas and will re open again in January and we will start up the art jams again.

Anyway.. here are the photos:-

Art Jam @ The Piedescalso Art Cafe – Tuesdays

Posted: Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

I am delighted to announce that from the Tuesday 2nd December we will be hosting art jams at the Piedescalso Art Cafe.  This little art cafe is one of those places that is a real “treasure find”.. and I for one am delighted I found it!  The Piedescalso Art Cafe regularly hosts exhibitions and musical evenings .. and now art jam evenings.  However…. these will be art jams with a difference, due to limited space we won’t be doing the art jams with easels or deep edge canvases – instead the participants will be painting on canvas that has been pulled over tables.  The canvas sheets will then be divided into quarters with three people to each table and one quarter as spaces for glasses of wine, palettes, brushes etc.  At the end of the session each person gets to take away their own artwork in a take away box.

Take Away Art!.. Tuesday Table Top Take Away Art .. with Art Jam Ireland at the Piedescalso Art Cafe – sure what else would you be doing on a Tuesday evening????  So come along and have a go! discover your creative side.. and even if you discover you are not the next Picasso or Monet you will have fun, make new friends, have a glass of wine, chill to the music and maybe, just maybe, you may paint something that you will be really proud of.. or something that you could give to someone as a christmas present!

Starting Tuesday 2nd December from 7-9pm. €25 per person.  This price included all materials, your take away canvas and take away box..and a complimentary glass of the delicious wine served here.  Places are limited so please book your space – email or call 0860615695.

And.. so you have some idea of what its all about have a look at the photos here…

Audrey’s Hen Art Jam at Garykennedy

Posted: Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Audrey’s sisters organised a surpise Hen Art Jam for her and all her friends that was held in Larkins Pub in Garykennedy (… what a lovely location – the room was perfect!  As you can see they all had a great time…  I hadn’t been to Garykennedy before and its a beautiful little place right on the Shannon 12 Km from Nenagh…

Coming Soon…. “ART JAM ON THE MOVE”

Posted: Friday, October 10th, 2008

An idea has been born!  ART JAM ON THE MOVE

…..  once a month at a different venue around Dublin there will be a public art jam that anyone can come along and attend with a maximum number of 30 people.  These art jams will take place in a range of venues from an empty retail unit, community hall, local pub… or any venue that I think will be suitable.  This will give people a chance from all around Dublin to experience an art jam, it will also give people a chance to do it more than once, and it eliminates the need for someone wanting to try it to have to organise an art jam!…. if you would be interested in attending and would like to be kept up to date with events please email me at to be added to the mailing list.  I will also be listing any events on the Events Page………  Come back soon to check for news on the first “Art Jam on the Move” coming soon.


Art Jam on TV3 Ireland AM

Posted: Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

I was invited on to TV3’s Ireland AM to talk about Art Jam Ireland yesterday morning 6th October.  Alan Huges, one of the presenters, was the painting participant.  While he wasn’t filmed doing most of the painting, he was working away on it off film on and off all morning in between interviews and the weather!….. The end result was something very symetrical and very abstract.  It was great exposure for me and even better, for those that missed it, they have put the video of it all on their website.

Here is the link to the video on TV’s Website:-

Art Jam @ Dublin Culture Night

Posted: Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Art Jam @ Culture Night was a great night. This was a free public event that anyone could attend. There were 30 participants and the event took place in the Curved Cafe at Filmbase.  It was a brilliant venue for the art jam, with huge windows looking down onto the street.  Jazz music played and everyone had a wonderful time…  Here are the photos from the night.

Google Ireland Art Jam

Posted: Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Google Ireland, renowned for being an employer of choice and one of the best companies in Ireland to work for, recently held an Art Jam for one of their departments.  It was a hive of activity with 60 participants… and every one exploring their very own creative side..and what better way to stimulate and encourage creativity in a team than having an art jam. Everyone got to keep their canvas, however those that wanted to could enter their painting for a voting system to be picked as art work to adorn the offices.  Have a look at the photos…