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CREATE RETREAT 9-13th October 2016 Ireland

Posted: Friday, August 19th, 2016


Want to get in touch with your inner creative side in enchanting Ireland?

Come and spend 4 full days and nights at a 5 Star luxury villa in a coastal paradise.

If you have been feeling uninspired, stuck, and unsure how to find more joy or balance in your life, then give yourself this gift of me-time.

Escape from your daily life and Tap into clarity about what’s important to you.

Create a new strategy and step into a new vision of what’s possible for you

Did you know there is an art to deliberately creating and living an extraordinary life?

Retreat overview

October  9th -13th October 2016

CREATE RETREAT is a unique program that combines Art, Self-reflection and Movement to allow you to explore the magic of your creativity and reconnect with YOU.

This transformative and interactive experience is designed to allow you to:

  • Have the time and space to reflect on what it is you really want in your life
  • Create intuitively and watch your thoughts and ideas unfold on canvas
  • Play and rediscover your inner child by making fun a priority
  • Connect with yourself and a small group of like-minded women
  • Acknowledge and feel into your emotions and learn how they guide you back to balance
  • Prioritise you and take time to recognize your needs and desires
  • Be inspired to challenge limiting beliefs and mindsets that no longer serve you
  • Express yourself, expand and grow
  • No rules or expectations and no previous art skills required



Our chosen location is going to blow your mind. It’s the perfect combination of luxury, beauty and tranquility to ensure YOU return home a New Woman… Relaxed, Inspired and Connected.

Imagine sitting outside a 5 star villa on the patio, enjoying a glass of wine as the sun softly hits the glistening lough in front of you. You will be surrounded by the breathtaking views of the rolling hills of Carlingford in a space created just for you, space to think, to breathe… to be. This hidden gem in beautiful Ireland, located just an hour away from Dublin will be the perfect canvas for you to release your creative spark.

The views, large gardens and luxurious accommodation, including a hot tub (already feeling the bubbles.. or that could be the champagne!!) will only compliment the intimacy and connection you can expect to find from such a special small group of like-minded women who are sure to become new friends

And just wait until you see the pictures…

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Does any of this resonate with you?

  • Are you feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed with life?
  • Do you believe that to achieve more, you need to do more?
  • Do you tend to put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own?
  • Are you neglecting you and your body due to lack of time?
  • Are hormones taking over your emotional wellbeing?
  • Do you struggle to take guilt free Me-time?
  • Are you too busy to meditate, exercise and connect to you?
  • Have you lost your identity in everyone else around you?
  • Do you want to change but don’t know where to start?
  • Or maybe you don’t even know what it is you really want …


If any of this sounds familiar to you, it’s time to Hit the reset button!

“Creative thinking inspires ideas, ideas inspire change”

CREATE RETREAT will help you to take the first steps towards the life you really want, including establishing what exactly this is for you! Working with experts in their field with over 20 years combined experience in Art therapy, life and business coaching, you are in safe hands. Deirdre and Tina are both passionate and knowledgeable about what they do and in practical terms have implemented the strategies they teach to create a life of joy, freedom and endless possibilities. This was not always the case and like some of you we can fully relate to a time when life felt hard, without purpose, where stress and fear controlled both the body and mind. We found a way to change, a new perspective, a different way and that is why we are beyond excited to share this with you!

We will provide you with a space where you can use creative art workshops to focus and dedicate time just to you, to explore what it is you really desire. The self-reflection workshops incorporate intention setting, contemplation questions in all the key areas of your life, and challenge beliefs and mindsets that are preventing you from moving forward. The daily sessions will provide integration and clarity as well as practical tools that can be implemented into your everyday life so that you can have a strategy for making your desired changes.

The movement within the program which includes morning yoga, stretches, walks, meditation practices, and dance parties throughout, allows you to ground yourself, move stagnant energy, raise your vibration and feel more into your body, which is so important after accessing your emotions using intuitive creativity. Our combined approach will stretch your imagination, make space in your mind for the new and integrate you back into your body.

You will be excited to join us if:

  • You are reading this and you are thinking yes this is me and it’s my time
  • You are ready to explore your potential and make changes
  • You are ready to prioritise you and invest in bringing joy and balance into your life
  • You are open to new perspectives and aligning your beliefs to your desires

CREATE RETREAT Ireland will be an intimate setting for a small select group. It will be the only program of its kind that we carry out in 2016.

*Not sure if this retreat is something for you why not book a book a free discovery call to find out if this is for you.

Book Discovery Call

My question to you is what will the cost be to you if you don’t change your current situation. Are you ready and excited to invite change into your life and step into a richer, more balanced, fulfilled version of you?

What’s included

  • 5 star luxury accommodations double occupancy 4 nights ( yes there are 2 double beds in every room. So why not bring a friend or enjoy the experience of meeting and connecting with like-minded women)
  • Delicious breakfasts
  • Nourishing and tasty lunches
  • Home cooked healthy dinners
  • Morning meditations to set the intent for the day
  • Yoga, morning stretching or walks
  • Integration sessions
  • A farewell dinner party on the last night
  • Art equipment
  • Guided instruction and self-reflection sessions
  • Workbooks & Journals

Total investment 1,495 euros

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What’s not included

Please note: Fee does not include travel costs to this destination.

*Transport to/from Dublin airport can be arranged for an extra fee of 40 euro

There are Limited places to ensure small group for more attentive workshops so contact us now to apply for a spot

Deposit at booking €250.  Balance due 20th September.

Payment can be made by paypal to ART JAM IRELAND at  or email for bank details to make electronic transfers.

Pay deposit or full amount via PayPal.

Click here to pay a deposit of €250.

Click here to pay the balance of €1,245.

Click here to pay the full amount of €1,495.


How to get here:

If flying in from overseas the best way to travel to Carlingford is to fly to Dublin Airport  . is a great website to find flights.  Collection from the Airport will be arranged.  Carlingford is approximately an hour from Dublin Airport.   A private FB  page can be created to enable everyone to hook up at the airport while waiting for group transport.

Cancellation policy . We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum and in that unlikely event, your deposit and any payments made will be fully refunded. Trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended if there is a possibility that you might have to cancel your trip. You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options.

The €250 deposit is non-refundable.  Balance payment due on the 20th September is non-refundable in this instance as the time frame is too short to replace your attendance if you cannot attend for some reason  however your balance payment in this instance can be used towards another CREATE Workshop at another time with and 18 month time frame.


Payment of deposit is your agreement to our terms & conditions.

I’m ready to design an amazing life! Sign me up!

 What’s the itinerary?

You will arrive at your Create luxury home on Sunday afternoon to allow some time to settle in.  There will be greet and meet drinks on arrival followed by a gorgeous nutritious dinner on the terrace. This will provide the perfect space to get to know each other.


Daily Schedule Monday – Wednesday

Movement – Every morning 7.00 – 8.00am A choice of yoga, stretching and walking

*Interim Dance parties will be held throughout the day to keep us vibe-ing high!!

Morning meditations 8.00am – 8.30am

Breakfast 8.30am – 9.30am

Art workshop 10am – 1.00pm

Self reflection 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Integration 4.00pm – 4.30pm

Free Time

Use this time to relax, mingle, integrate the days’ workshops in your journal, Jump in the Jacuzzi, go for a walk, or take a stroll around the village to experience a true taste of Irish charm

Pre dinner drinks 7.30pm

Dinner 8pm

On Wednesday evening there will be a special last night dinner to celebrate the revelations, visions and breakthroughs of our time together.

 About Deirdre and Tina

Firstly, we are old friends who met on the island of Cyprus over 15 years ago. Our connection was immediate and many a day and night was spent (usually over a glass of wine or 2) discussing and visualizing our dream lives, creating the vision first in our minds long before stepping into the reality. Our journey of personal development, expanding into deeper self-love and demanding more from life has kept our paths strongly connected which is why we are so excited to collaborate and share this unique experience with you

Hi, I’m Deirdre, the founder of Art Jam Ireland. I have been involved in the art world for more than 30 years and have created a business around what I am truly passionate about, firstly as an artist and then as an art workshop facilitator and have recently opened an Art Gallery in Dublin city centre.  With Art Jam I facilitate workshops with both private groups and corporate clients which include Facebook, Google, IMB, Deloitte, Sports Councils, Dropbox, staff workshops at schools & universities to name a few.  My Workshops are designed to bring out the best in you, to find blocks and what is holding you back, to facilitate opening you up to new ideas and possibilities.  I have seen first-hand the power of Art workshops and the benefits it brings to your confidence and life. I grew up in Kenya and spend most of my 20’s and 30’s travelling and living all over the world and now live in Dublin with my partner and daughter. My knowledge of the local area will ensure that you experience all that Ireland has to offer.


Hi, Im Tina. I grew up in an environment that moved country, school and friends every 2 years, I became an expert at “fitting in” a chameleon that adapted to each environment. It wasn’t until I reached my 40’s that I realized I didn’t actually know who I was, what I wanted or what I even liked. I had spent my whole life being a people pleaser that I had lost sight of me. Of course my inner being knew better and proceeded to bombard me with contrast until I broke! This was the point where everything changed… I changed. Finally I started to acknowledge me, my desires, my thoughts and my dreams. With over 20 years in business experience I changed direction into life coaching and energy work. I sold my property and everything I owned to allow myself a more freedom based lifestyle. I now travel the world, coaching clients internationally and running masterminds and retreat style workshops. I found my purpose and my joy and I want nothing more than to help others do the same.


Client Love
What Tina teaches isn’t textbook, it’s not counselling, it’s deeper than that. You learn about yourself and how fantastic you already are. You learn to love the insignificant by learning that’s the most significant! Tina taught me to love myself and in turn, receive love

I am powerful, I am strong and most of all I am. That’s it. I am. I can make who I am whatever I want to be, I just need to think it, believe it and then live it.

12 months ago i was unhappy. Correction, I thought I was unhappy. I actually wasn’t I just didn’t feel like I was on track. I had lost the belief in myself. Now. Almost a year later, i have a new home, a new job, a fantastic relationship with my husband, a good (ever working) relationship with money and my guilt is going. It is not gone. I have good days and I have down days. Thing is now, I embrace the down days as they allow me time to reflect, to rebalance and refocus. If there is resistance, I know now that I have the power to change it.

Thanks to Tina I have found my inner strength again and I am back in the game. Loving it.
Amber, Regional Director

I hadn’t really considered coaching, but after I had my initial session I was really impressed and decided to give it a go. I have always had a problem goal setting, but the coaching didn’t push me into that, but just made me think more clearly about what I wanted, things that I always thought I wanted turned out not to be the case really!
I think it helps produce clarity as Tina was there to question my decisions, well more like make me question them, and you find out a lot like that.
It has made me more organised in work and I have made more profit since seeing Tina so I think it was worth the investment
I would recommend Tina as a life coach or business coach, she has a lovely manner and could really improve your life or your business.

Bowen Therapist and UK Instructor

Tina’s calmness, warmth and professionalism make her very easy to talk to, she has a very unintimidating presence that is very reassuring.
I have surprised myself with what our sessions brought to the surface. I think that’s largely down to feeling very comfortable with her compassionate ear and gentle but directional prompts. I really enjoyed the instant feeling of having “shared” after our session, but moreover some months later, I can see how the results of our time have translated into very real and practical steps both in my personal and professional life. A very tangible and positive difference. Thank you Tina!
I would wholly and heartily recommend Tina to anyone without hesitation.
Sarah, Titfers (Business owner)

“Coaching isn’t something I had previously considered but I knew that if I wanted different, I would have to do different. Coaching with Tina had an immediate impact and I was really surprised at how my mindset changed after just 1 session. Since then I have implemented many changes to my business and my life (‘me time’ being one of them!! something I was lacking). The experience has brought me more balance and awareness of the importance of prioritizing myself, and not last in line after children, husband and business. I would definitely recommend Tina as a coach, worth every penny.”

Angela , Graphic Design

Art Jam Nights at The Ormond Wine Bar

Posted: Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Come along and explore your creative side at a once off painting session where all the materials are provided for you to paint your masterpiece.  Come alone or with friends, family or work colleagues and try something different for your Thursday Night out in Dublin.  Price €35 pp and includes a glass of wine.

Art Jam nights at The Ormond Wine Bar, Ormond Quay, Dublin 1

Posted: Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

A monthly art jam night is starting Thursday 1st March at 7pm at the Ormond Wine Bar on Ormond Quay, Dublin. and thereafter will be the last Thursday of every month.

All materials will be provided  – take home canvas, aprons, gloves, paints, brushes, sponges, easels… and books to kick start your inspiration.  come along and try something you haven’t done before, explore your creative side which has probably been dormant for years!!  and surprise yourself by doing something you thought you couldn’t do.  Price is €35 per person and includes a glass of wine.  The Ormond Wine bar also has a great selection of wines and tapas if you want to go early for supper, or stay after and have a bite to eat.  for more information contact 0860615695 or

Art Jam @ Culture Night 2010

Posted: Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Here are the photos from the Art Jam Event @ Culture Night  in Barnardo’s Square on the 24th September




Art Jam @ Culture Night, 24th September, 2010

Posted: Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Art Jam Ireland is pleased to announce it will be taking part in the Dublin Culture Night on 24th September in Barnardo Square, beside City Hall.  Starting at 4pm.  This is a first come first served event. 

Click on link to see photos from last years event

For more information on Culture Night click


Art Jam resumes @ Piedescalso Art Cafe

Posted: Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Back by popular demand  – from Tuesday 20th January we will be resuming our every Tuesday night Art Jams at the Piedescalso Art Cafe in Thomas Street (on the corner of Francis St, beside Noto Cafe).  For those of you that haven’t yet been the Piedescalso Art Cafe is a lovely little venue with friendly staff and a wonderful atmosphere… and ideal for table top take away art sessions.  Slightly different to the standard art jams with easels and deep edge canvases – here we use rolled out canvas across the table tops and everyone gets a quarter part of canvas to paint a way.. the full use of all materials, art books to inspire, an artist on hand to guide & advise if required… but generally everyone is left to their own devices and their own creativity.  Its a great night for friends to get together, paint and chat over a glass of wine (or a bottle!!)… an unusual date!!!!… or come along on your own and make new friends.!  Everyone gets to take away their very own masterpiece in a take away box!  Price is €25 per person and includes a plate of tapas.  you can pay on the night, but booking your place is essential.  Attached are some of the photos of the art jams at the art cafe before Christmas


Posted: Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Art Jam Ireland caters for private and corporate clients.  Here are some of the corporate clients that have used art jam for a team building or staff event.

Google Ireland  –

IBM Ireland –

Vodafone –

CBS Outdoor (Viacom)  –

Dublin City Enterprise Board –

Fingal Centre  –



Culture Night –  /

Festival of World Cultures – /


Tuesday Art Jam @ Piedescalso Art Cafe

Posted: Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Well…. here are the photos from the first night’s art jam at the Piedescalso… as you can see everyone really enjoyed themselves, made new friends, and surprised themselves with their own ability and talent! Thanks to all who came last night, I have no doubt we will see you all again soon…

We have decided to change the format slightly and now instead of getting a complimentary glass of wine the Piedescalso will be offering all you can eat tapas…. and you won’t want to miss this mouth watering food…. so come along and have a go at table top art jamming, you get the use of all materials, your take away canvas in a take away box… and all you can eat tapas will be available all evening long… and all for €25… like I said “sure what else would you be doing on a Tuesday evening!”

There will be two more Tuesday art jams on the 9th & 16th December, then the cafe will be closed over Christmas and will re open again in January and we will start up the art jams again.

Anyway.. here are the photos:-

Art Jam @ The Piedescalso Art Cafe – Tuesdays

Posted: Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

I am delighted to announce that from the Tuesday 2nd December we will be hosting art jams at the Piedescalso Art Cafe.  This little art cafe is one of those places that is a real “treasure find”.. and I for one am delighted I found it!  The Piedescalso Art Cafe regularly hosts exhibitions and musical evenings .. and now art jam evenings.  However…. these will be art jams with a difference, due to limited space we won’t be doing the art jams with easels or deep edge canvases – instead the participants will be painting on canvas that has been pulled over tables.  The canvas sheets will then be divided into quarters with three people to each table and one quarter as spaces for glasses of wine, palettes, brushes etc.  At the end of the session each person gets to take away their own artwork in a take away box.

Take Away Art!.. Tuesday Table Top Take Away Art .. with Art Jam Ireland at the Piedescalso Art Cafe – sure what else would you be doing on a Tuesday evening????  So come along and have a go! discover your creative side.. and even if you discover you are not the next Picasso or Monet you will have fun, make new friends, have a glass of wine, chill to the music and maybe, just maybe, you may paint something that you will be really proud of.. or something that you could give to someone as a christmas present!

Starting Tuesday 2nd December from 7-9pm. €25 per person.  This price included all materials, your take away canvas and take away box..and a complimentary glass of the delicious wine served here.  Places are limited so please book your space – email or call 0860615695.

And.. so you have some idea of what its all about have a look at the photos here…

Art Jam @ Dublin Culture Night

Posted: Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Art Jam @ Culture Night was a great night. This was a free public event that anyone could attend. There were 30 participants and the event took place in the Curved Cafe at Filmbase.  It was a brilliant venue for the art jam, with huge windows looking down onto the street.  Jazz music played and everyone had a wonderful time…  Here are the photos from the night.